Citadel Institutional Solutions (CIS) brings together a team of experienced professionals focused on providing cross-asset market-making and innovative liquidity solutions across fixed income cash and derivative products.

Our proposition to clients is simple:

We are laser focused on high quality liquidity provision: tighter quoted spreads, firm executable prices, fast response times on client RFQ’s, reliable on-screen presence in all markets, reduced market impact and discretion around client flows.

Innovative Technology and Systems

As one of the largest fixed income market-makers, we combine our leading technology and quantitative risk management prowess with our unmatched efficiency in hedging, operations and cost structure to deliver deep, consistent liquidity and tight pricing to our clients.

This uniquely positions us as a top player in key markets via electronic trading venues, and voice-based block trading.

Delivering Superior Value to Investors

Our DNA of world-class technology, quantitative excellence and strong risk management culture uniquely positions us to compete in markets where innovation and scale can improve on historical market structure.

We are committed to providing a better trading experience through tighter bid/ask spreads and less friction for our clients.

Our Competitive Advantages Define Our Value Proposition

  • Fast, highly automated, resilient systems
    • Automated quoting, responding, and hedging
    • Straight-through-processing of trades from front-to-back
    • Shared Citadel Securities technology with a history of stability and resiliency
  • Efficient and scalable cost base
    • Optimized teams; more with less
    • No legacy cost base to support
    • No linked businesses to subsidize

  • Expert team with an average of 13 years experience in sales & trading
  • Efficiency and scalability that allows us to offer a better trading experience
    • Tighter spreads
    • Firm prices
    • Fast quotes
    • Reliable on-screen presence
    • Trade discretion

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